Friday, June 23, 2017

Electrical Unit

The unit houses about 50 employees; 7 permanent staff, led by the Head of Department, Engr. Augustine Takpor as well as over 40 contract staff. Each staff tirelessly, passionately and diligently works towards the goals of the department as well as the goals of the university at large. read more

We aim to provide comprehensive and integrated design and planning services as well as maintenance and operations management of electricity and electrical amenities to maintain the dignity and excellence of the learning environment as well as to uphold the university’s Vision 10:2022.

To ensure the availability, maintenance and improvement of electrical installations in and around the University environment.
To design, oversee and supervise new and incoming electrical installations.
To provide a conducive area for learning by uninterrupted provision of basic electrical amenities.
To ensure safety of lives and properties from challenges caused by electricity and electrical amenities.

Provision of electrical power to students, staff and residents of the University and its environs.
Installation of electrical amenities for the comfort of students and residents of the University.
Adequate maintenance of already installed electrical amenities in and around the University environment.
Design and supervision of new electrical installations in the University.
Recommendation of better electrical installations to the University management.

Uninterrupted provision of electrical power and basic electrical amenities to the students and do my essay faculty as well as residents of the University and her surroundings.
Continual safety of lives and properties as well as world class comfort in the learning environment.

Gas Turbine (65.4 MW) (Under Construction)
Sub stations
Step-up and Step-Down Transformers (ranging from ratings of 33KV, 415V, 1000KVA, 500 KVA)
Generators (ranging from ratings of 1000KVA, 500KVA)
Power Houses
Transmission/Power Lines and Cables (33000V rating)
Feeder Pillars
Motion Sensor Lights
Energy saving Lights
Flood Lights etc. Amongst others.


Replacement of lighting with energy saving LED (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs in and around the university environment saving power by up to 25%.

Introduction of Motion-Sensor lighting switches in key areas in the university to curb the negligence of excess power consumption by students.

Aestheticism, effective functionality and power efficiency of new installations in the proposed Covenant University Centre for Research Innovation and Discovery and Post-Graduate Hostels and Cafeteria are paramount areas being considered.

We currently study how the university’s physical environment can best support her academic and communal goals while thinking strategically, to create timeless innovative ideas towards achieving the Vision 10:2022

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